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Tuesday, March 26th 2019    10:21 PM EDT
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  World headlines

House panel OKs move to give Congress records of FBI probes against Trump
Posted on Tuesday March 26, 2019

The U.S. House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday unanimously approved a resolution directing the Justice Department to give Congress all records on FBI obstruction of justice or counterintelligence probes against President Donald Trump.

Nissan panel to propose bigger role for external directors in Ghosn scandal's wake
Posted on Tuesday March 26, 2019

A committee tasked with revamping corporate governance at Nissan Motor Co is expected to recommend on Wednesday a bigger role for external directors in overseeing the Japanese automaker following Carlos Ghosn's arrest and ouster as chairman.

Second Wisconsin judge blocks Republican-backed laws curbing Democratic governor's powers
Posted on Tuesday March 26, 2019

A Wisconsin judge on Tuesday blocked several laws passed by Republican state lawmakers during a December lame-duck session intended to curb the powers of newly elected Democratic Governor Tony Evers, the second such ruling in the past week.

U.S. House fails to override Trump veto, upholding border wall emergency
Posted on Tuesday March 26, 2019

The U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday failed to override President Donald Trump's first veto, leaving in place the "national emergency" he declared last month to build a U.S.-Mexico border wall that Congress has not funded.

McConnell backs push for investigation of Russia probe missteps
Posted on Tuesday March 26, 2019

The top Republican in the U.S. Senate said on Tuesday he supported a push by a Republican colleague for an inquiry into potential law enforcement missteps in a probe of possible collusion between President Donald Trump's campaign and Russia.

Barr plans to issue Mueller report details within weeks
Posted on Tuesday March 26, 2019

U.S. Attorney General William Barr plans to issue in a matter of weeks a public version of the special counsel's report that found President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign team did not conspire with Russia, as Trump prepared to use the findings against his political opponents.

Mueller report details to be issued in 'weeks, not months': Justice Department
Posted on Tuesday March 26, 2019

U.S. Attorney General William Barr plans to issue a public version of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report on the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election within "weeks, not months," a Justice Department official said on Tuesday.

No plan yet for Barr to brief U.S. Congress on Mueller findings: sources
Posted on Tuesday March 26, 2019

The U.S. Justice Department and FBI have yet to notify key congressional committees and leaders of any plan to brief them in detail on the findings of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe, five congressional officials said on Tuesday.

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  Science headlines

Layered liquids arrange nanoparticles into useful configurations
Posted on Tuesday March 26, 2019

Materials scientists have theorized a new 'oil-and-vinegar' approach to engineering self-assembling materials of unusual architectures made out of spherical nanoparticles. The resulting structures could prove useful to applications in optics, plasmonics, electronics and multi-stage catalysis.

Microgels let medical implants fight off bacteria
Posted on Tuesday March 26, 2019

Joint replacement implants dipped in microgel flecks -- and then into a charged solution -- can release micro-doses of antibiotics when bacteria approach. The work could play a role in sharply reducing infection rates in one of the most common elective surgeries.

New tool maps a key food source for grizzly bears: huckleberries
Posted on Tuesday March 26, 2019

Researchers have developed a new approach to map huckleberry distribution across Glacier National Park that uses publicly available satellite imagery. Tracking where huckleberry plants live can help biologists predict where grizzly bears will also be found.

New 3-D printing approach makes cell-scale lattice structures
Posted on Tuesday March 26, 2019

A new way of making scaffolding for biological cultures could make it possible to grow cells that are highly uniform in shape and size, and potentially with certain functions. The new approach uses an extremely fine-scale form of 3-D printing, using an electric field to draw fibers one-tenth the width of a human hair.

Droughts could hit aging power plants hard
Posted on Tuesday March 26, 2019

Droughts will pose a much larger threat to U.S. power plants with once-through cooling systems than scientists previously suspected, a new study shows. If surface waters warm 3 degrees Celsius and river flows drop 20 percent, drought-related impacts will account for about 20 percent of all shutdowns or capacity reductions at these plants. Retrofitting the plants with recirculating cooling systems will significantly reduce their vulnerability to costly impacts from both drought and environmental regulations.

Deciphering the walnut genome
Posted on Tuesday March 26, 2019

New research could provide a major boost to the state's growing $1.6 billion walnut industry by making it easier to breed walnut trees better equipped to combat the soil-borne pathogens that now plague many of California's 4,800 growers.

Building starch backbones for lab-grown meat using Lego pieces
Posted on Tuesday March 26, 2019

A new technique to spin starch fibers using Lego pieces could have future applications for lab-grown 'clean' meat, according to a team of food scientists.

Genetic tagging may help conserve the world's wildlife
Posted on Tuesday March 26, 2019

Tracking animals using DNA signatures are ideally suited to answer the pressing questions required to conserve the world's wildlife, providing benefits over invasive methods such as ear tags and collars, according to a new study.

Air quality agencies can breathe easier about current emissions regulations
Posted on Tuesday March 26, 2019

A new study provides a fuller picture of the relationship between nitrogen oxides -- the tailpipe-generated particles at the center of the Volkswagen scandal, also known as NOx, -- and PM2.5, the microscopic particles that can lodge in lungs.

Not all carrot germplasm is the same -- in terms of salinity tolerance
Posted on Tuesday March 26, 2019

A study has evaluated the response of diverse carrot germplasm to salinity stress, identified salt-tolerant carrot germplasm that may be used by breeders, and defined appropriate screening criteria for assessing salt tolerance in germinating carrot seed.

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